Razor MX500 Rocket Electric Motorcross Bike

Razor MX500 Rocket

Recently Razor e-bikes have become the norm. They have populated neighborhoods across the world, and they not only stop where the sidewalk ends but they take you smoothly through the steep slopes, dirt roads, trails, mountains and busy city streets.

A Quick Summary of the Razor MX500 Rocket Electric Motorcross Bike

With the Dirt Rocket MX500 is for those who are not afraid of the dirt. It is a scaled down, electric powered dirt bike with the authentic dirt bike frame geometry and a high-torque, variable speed motor that delivers you a super-charged experience. It features some large pneumatic, quick-release tires that ensure you have a smooth ride and maximum power transfer for climbing those dirt hills ahead.

With this incredible e-bike, you will leave others in the dust – literally!

We Like

It is the most secure e-bike with the dual suspension, twist-grip acceleration control; hand operated dual disc brakes and the adjustable riser handlebars. It is also sturdy due to its steel construction, quick to put together and has excellent battery life and capacity.

We Don’t Like

It breaks down quickly and is squeaky. However, despite these issues, it has bulletproof and straightforward.

Testimonial & Customer Reviews

During the time of writing, there were 370 customer reviews and a 4.2 out of 5 stars rating.


You need to invest in this incredible dirt bike, and you will enjoy all its benefits!

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