Pride New Go Chair Mobility Travel Electric Wheelchair

Pride New Go Chair Mobility

We bet you do not want to leave your loved ones behind when going on a shopping and adventure cruise. Well, Pride Mobility is known for their excellent full-sized power wheelchairs and great travel-sized scooters, and now you can have the fantastic features of both in the all-new go chair.

Quick Summary of the Pride New Go Chair Mobility Travel Electric Wheelchair

It features the convenient folding system that allows you to fold and unfold the power chair at your convenience. You can now disassemble the battery-operated wheelchair into four pieces, place them in your trunk and put them back together quickly in less than a minute.

It also incorporates the easy-to-remove battery pack and the joystick that provides you with a multi-functional visual display that shows you the on/off status, any diagnosis of faults and the battery charging level.

We Like

It is the quickest to assemble and disassemble. It is also comfortable, portable, ultra-lightweight, reliable and affordable. It also offers you seamless navigation, long-lasting battery life, speed and a powerful motor.

We Don’t Like

The power chair has tiny armrests, and it is difficult to adjust the brakes. Despite these issues though, the system is cozy, portable, foldable and quick to assemble.

Testimonial & Customer Reviews

During the time of writing this review, there was a total of 28 customer reviews and a rating of 4.1 out of 5 stars.


You will be content with the freedom that comes along with this incredible device. Believe in us!

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