Frequently Asked Questions

What Are They ?

Mobility scooters combine the mobility assistance of a wheelchair with the ease of operation of a motorized scooter. They allow individuals with mobility issues or those who find it unnerving operating a traditional wheelchair more independence and freedom in their daily activities.
Contrary to popular belief, everyone with mobility difficulties does not need a manual or power wheelchair for natural movement. You can still feel more independent and confident when strolling around your home and your green yard but prefer the services and stability of a wheeled ride when you go out. You might also need a convenient lift due to age, a medical condition exacerbated by long periods of walking, such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and arthritis, or other lifestyle issues like obesity and cardiovascular diseases.

Whatever your reason is, a mobility scooter offers everyone in need of seamless navigation and the convenience of a wheeled mobility aid with a higher potential for customization than a wheelchair.

How Do These Mobility Scooters Work ?

Mobility scooters design is for those that have limited mobility, whether it is merely an inability to walk those long distances or carry cumbersome luggage or due to the lack of local public transport, or because of a debilitating physical issue.
They involve automatic controls; by the just the power of the throttle, one can accelerate, speed, brake, stop and park the gadget.

The scooters’ ease of operation makes them safe and straightforward to control, and their controlled speeds make the possibility of severe accidents unlikely.

They also have a fail-safe braking system that defaults to a standstill and automatic braking systems that ensure the scooter will only travel downhill at the selected speed when you are navigating through a slippery slope.

What Does the “Turning Radius” Mean in A Mobility Scooter ?

The turning radius is the measurement of the minimum amount of space that one needs to turn the unit to 180 degrees. A scooter with a small turning radius renders good maneuverability. Manufacturers set this measurement in the specifications for the mobility scooter.

However, the number can always be somewhat confusing, as some turning radius measurements need you to back them up during the process. Others allow you to perform a complete U-turn within the measurement number. If you need a tighter turning radius than you can find in a mobility chair, consider getting a power wheelchair.

When Selecting the Best Mobility Scooter, What Are Some of the Nice Extra and Unique Features Should One Consider with His/Her Mobility Scooter ?

Well, you might want to have a delta tiller. It is a steering mechanism available on most mobility scooters. The delta tiller allows you to reposition the steering handle so that you can use it as comfortably as you would want to use it. For instance, if you are short, you may wish to have your steering mechanism positioned closer to the seat.

Another incredible feature is a seat that can lift you a foot or two. The position allows you to reach items on a shelf without having to step off the scooter. A swivel seat would be the best option, and it can make it easier for you to reach the hard-to-reach items, too. If you are also a night owl, then you would need a scooter with headlights. Some motorcycles have lighting that allows other motorists to see the scooter driver, too.

Do Mobility Scooters Run On Fuel Or Rechargeable Batteries ?

There is no fuel expense for when you are operating an electric mobility scooter because they run on neither fuel nor gas.

These scooters are portable, and they run on rechargeable batteries. You only have to plug them into a power cord, and after an hour or two, you will be on your way to your meeting or expeditions. The batteries also come with an auto shut system that prevents them from overheating and hence prevent damage.

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