Drive Bobcat X3 Compact Transportable Mobility Scooter

Drive Bobcat X3 Compact Transportable

Featuring excellent value, enhanced performance, and maximum comfort, the Drive Medical Bobcat X3 is by far one of the most premium mobility scooters you will find on the market today.

Quick Summary of the Drive Bobcat X3 Compact Transportable Mobility Scooter

It is the ultimate ultra-lightweight transportable scooter. It features supreme comfort, high-performance, and premium value. It is the ideal entry-level mobility scooter that provides you with easy-to-control steering with the incredible easy-to-adjust tiller and throttle, extraordinary power with the robust motor, and the strong electromagnetic brakes that offer you reliable mobility at an affordable price.

You can feel confident traveling up to 4mph for up to 7.5 miles with the scooter’s 8″ non-marking, anti-tip wheels for added safety and the large metal basket that allows you to store your precious belongings conveniently.

The ultra-lightweight Bobcat X3 can carry up to 265lbs, and its slim three-wheel design allows for tighter turning and easy maneuverability when you engage in either indoor or outdoor activities.

We Like

It is the most stylish mobility scooter. It is also easy to set-up, operate, adjust and drive. It is also maneuverable, convenient, lightweight, and runs quietly, making it extremely eco-friendly. It is also affordable, sturdy and has the incredible anti-tip wheels for improved security, the large metal basket for secure storage and the easy-to-adjust throttle for controlled drives.

We Don’t Like

The scooter is difficult to disassemble for transportation, and the battery drains out quickly. However, despite these issues, it is cozy, sturdy, comfortable to adjust and stylish.

Testimonial & Customer Reviews

During the time of writing this review, there was a total of 52 customer reviews and a rating of 3.6 out of 5 stars.


When convenient portability and affordability are concerned, you will be very hard-pressed to find anything better than the Drive Medical Bobcat X3. It is easy to use, simple to maintain, durable, and affordable. We highly recommend it!

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