Benefits of Cycling

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, about 80% of most employees fall in the 17% group at risk of chronic health conditions from lack of sleep. No wonder, given that most of us are so over-worked, we have no time even to get adequate sleep time! Moreover, most people have health limitations …

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The E-Bike Obsession

You cannot compare anything in the world to the simple and enjoyable nature of riding a bike down the street as the quote accredited to John F. Kennedy goes, except if of course, the motorcycle aids you in pedaling – all of the fun, tranquillity, happiness and freedom, and substantively less of the effort as …

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How Ebikes Work

Understanding How E-Bikes Work

Get to Know the Ins and Outs of E-Bikes – a Technical Analysis of the Three Key Constituents Sales of electric bikes have been sky-rocketing since the first patent for an e-bike was filed in back in 1895. Here’s why everyone loves them—and why you probably will, too. The first thing you need to know …

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Ebike Transport

Transforming the Future of Transport

E-Bikes- Transmuting the Future of Transportation Worldwide A Definitive Guide to E-Bikes: The E-Bikes’ History The first patent of an electric bike was registered in the US in the late 1890s. One of these patents was an invention by the renowned Hosea W. Libbey. His design was then later re-invented and imitated by the legendary …

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Ebike Transport

How E-Bikes are Outperforming Other Modes of Transport

E-Bikes – Ideal Alternative Transportation for Daily Commutes The transport industry is continually evolving. For a while, boats were the coolest mode of getting around. Then, the amatory carriages and wagons made their way across dirt roads. Next was the good ol’ train, hauling products and the masses goods across the country. Moreover, before we …

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